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Hezekiah’s Date with Destiny… The Radio Spot. Take a Listen


If a person sets the various stories of Hezekiah into chronological order a fascinating pattern emerges. Hezekiah is a man of great faith during a time great crisis. He is all the more remarkable considering his father, who was a true reprobate who sold out Judah to Assyria to get help in the midst of Syria’s and Israel’s attack, even though YHWH sent Isaiah to him to promise protection. Hezekiah restores the proper worship in the temple and home. He tore down the false alters. He avoids trouble when he heeds the warnings of Isaiah and keeps himself out of ill advised covenants with the pagan nations around him. He receives great signs from God. He was instrumental in preserving Scripture for the ages.

This is not the whole story however. The stress gets to him at times and he falters. He repents. He falters again. He betrays YHWH, stripping down the gold from the temple that he refurbished, makes covenants with pagans rather than relying on YHWH. He shows indifference to the suffering chain of events that he has help set in motion.

He’s like me. Means well, triumphs at times, falters at times, repents, falters again, wins some loses some.

In this edited sermon, I try to set his story straight. Where does he land in the end?


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