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Inspiration and Interpretation… the radio spot, take a listen

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When I first made my attempt at radio, I tried my hand at some discussions with just me and my recorder at home. I use audacity and love it. This is a funky version of me delivering a lecture without the intellectual stimulation of a bemused or confused audience in front of me. My sparkling dancing bear manner was muffled by the experience, but, still, I think its solid material and worth taking in.

I discuss my fundamental ideas about the inspiration of the Bible and why having a solid theology of Scripture is so important when interpreting the text. I explore the tension between the text as a human book and a divine book. I consider the role of duel authorship in the mind of those who study the text. I give a working definition for inspiration that I believe demands study and scholarship from the reader.

I, for one, cling to the text as if written only by God, but interpret the text as if written only by men. I do not separate the divine intention from the inspired author’s intention. I believe that the best way to digest the inspired author’s intention is by reading the text in its historical, grammatical and literary context. I ask, “What would this mean to that person, writing in that language, in that place, at that time, in this specific context.

Hope you enjoy it.

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