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Invite me to Speak

At Biblical Literacy Ministries we offer a number of speaking options.

We have a wide variety of weekend seminars that focus on almost all areas of Biblical Interpretation.

For those more local, we also offer a number of weekly courses on various aspects of Biblical Interpretation. If you don’t see an offering that you are particularly interested in, perhaps we can work out a special offering.

Dr. Sargent is always willing to do pulpit fill ministry as well.

For a list of offerings see my website: BLMinistries.net


A Few Suggestions:

Plumbing the Depth: A Practical Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

Got HAGALAH? An Introduction to Historical Hermeneutics

Got HAGALAH? An Introduction to Grammatical Interpretation

Got HAGALAH? An Introduction to Literary Hermeneutics

A Biblical Theology of Creation: A Defense of Biblical Law


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