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Psalm 8 and Poetic Wonder… the radio spot

This is a heavily edited message about the power of poetry as a vehicle for the inspired word of God. Poetry is not a mere vessel for the message of poetic sermons, but is part of the message, holding secrets to meaning, and the power of emotive connection....
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What Does “Son of God” Really Mean in the Gospel of Mark

I am pleased to welcome Othello Mugugu back as a guest blogger today. He originally hails from Zimbabwe, has a Bachelors from Northpoint Bible College, Serves in the American Army, has completed his Masters in Religious Studies from Providence College in Providence Rhode Island. Today he has allowed me to...
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Successful Charity vs. Dysfunctional Enablement

When do you know that your charity efforts have been successful? You have not succeeded when a stream of the same hungry people eat from your hand day after day for years… though you will think so because you’ll tell yourself that this is better than having them...
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