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About Dr. Andrew Sargent

I am the founder & President of Biblical Literacy Ministries, and hold a PhD in Theology with a concentration in Old Testament Studies from Trinity International University (’10). This is in addition to my undergraduate work in Biblical studies, a Master’s in Old Testament Studies from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (’02) and a Master’s in Biblical Studies from Regent University (’97).

I am actively involved in the establishment of a Bible college in Pune, India, Koinonia School of Ministry (KSOM) [http://indiaconnection.org/].

Welcome to my personal blog, Biblical Literacy, where I post short lessons and discussion starters several times a week on issues designed to improve any Christian leader’s ability to engage the Scriptures with understanding and to confront life in the light of the Scriptures. While my goal is to support pastors & lay leaders, I may, at times, attempt to draw in my fellow scholars.

My topics cover a wide range of issues. I am keen to discuss 1. Biblical interpretation methods, 2. Biblical, systematic & historical theology, 3. Bible backgrounds, 4. Old Testament, 5. New Testament & 6. Intertestamental history & literature. 7. The NT’s use of the OT is a favorite topic of mine, as is 8. Cross-cultural communication & contextualization.  While I thrill to unpack 9. Biblical language issues and 10. Text critical issues, I also love to discuss 11. Philosophy, 12. Economics & 13. Political theory. (I am also not superstitious, so I will leave the list at 13.)

I welcome polite dialogue  on any topic I bring up.

As I am a dedicated Biblical Theologian (read some of my earliest blogs if you are confused about what I mean by this) you may find that I take a different approach to many issues than you are used to. It is my firmest conviction that all Evangelical faith & practice should root itself in a proper interpretation of the sacred and inspired scriptures. Therefore, the bulk of my work is dedicated to understanding the theological intentions of each inspired writer in his own terms & categories and within his own historical, grammatical & literary context. Before I ask, “What does this text mean to me,” I always seek to understand, “What did this text mean to its author and its original readers.” The carefully garnered answer may often surprise you.

God Bless You,

Andrew Sargent, PhD

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  1. JD says:

    Here is your 1st comment ever!!! Nice about page!!

  2. David Foehr says:

    Andy, I am not on facebook or twitter and do not want to sign up. I have provided my email address instead. Good luck and May God Bless your new endeavor! Dave

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