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Let’s put the X back in Xmas

I am not sure how many of you already know this, but I love Xmas… not just Christmas, but Xmas. I think we should all love Xmas. You see, ink and parchment were expensive back in the days of the early church and for centuries afterward. The Greeks...
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Hallelujah: Call “of” Praise or Call “to” Praise

After discussing, in my recent blog post, “Hallelujah is a Sentence,” that the biblical “term” Hallelujah has grammar and that we should both be aware of that grammar and use the phrase accordingly in our worship songs, I received two types of criticism. Let’s call them sniveling and...
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There is no Jehovah

Being that few of my friends and neighbors have names that really mean something to us, (Other than Marsha Mello, Amanda Lynne, and Justin Case Yelle). I am intrigued about the psychological impact of living in a culture that makes you feel like you stumbled into a mafia...
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