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Justice Seeker vs. Sinner Winner

Two realities confront us a Christians.

The first is that, as loving members of our own communities, it is unthinkable that we do not do all that is in our power to secure the safety and prosperity general of that community. We are to pray for and participate in the health of our communities. It is an evil to have the power to do good and to abstain from doing it. Thus, we must be part of the criminal justice system. We must stop criminals. We must fight injustice. We are not called to fight the false sense of injustice which seeks to make everyone artificially equal, but must fight the injustice in which one or more seek to steal away the natural rights of others by any means. We are called to defend the innocent and punish the guilty.

The second is that, as disciples of Christ called to make disciples out of all, we need to reach out to the very elements that threaten the health of the community. We are to call sinners out of darkness. Indeed, one of the greatest of the early apostles was a murderer and sworn enemy of the church.

We wear two hats—Justice seeker & Sinner Winner.

These roles often war within us… and if they don’t war within you, then you are ignoring one or the other duty to the detriment of all.

2 thoughts on “Justice Seeker vs. Sinner Winner

  1. M4Faith says:

    Just a quick note to let you know that I am using part of this in tomorrow’s sermon. I will quote you directly and give you proper credit of course.


    1. Hope it all went well.

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