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A Little Hate Goes a Long Way

hate eyes small sxc huIt seems to me that hate sells. That often unidentified mass of souls known as the media love hate. They should write a book, Haters Who Love to Hate Hate. Every time anyone does anything, people from the media are on the air live within seconds to report about the controversy… someone, somewhere, took offense… I’m surprised they don’t interrupt the Superbowl with Breaking News! Someone in the world has taken to the computer ways to express their offense and hatred for what is going on, being said, being advertised, being worn, being entertained in the mind of someone, somewhere at the Superbowl, in the Superbowl, or watching the Superbowl. Stop the presses! We found a hater!

Now whether they use the hater to hate others or simply hate on haters all depends on whether or not the hater is fashionable or not.

Hating gays is bad… and by hating gays I mean anything that even remotely suggests that the hater doesn’t particularly care for their practices or their agenda.

Hating fat people, however, is good… they are single handedly destroying our healthcare system by overloading it with their special needs. We should pass laws to stop them, to control their eating and to make them exercise. (Just for the record, Slim! I dare you to try to make me. You can pry my Big Mac from my cold heart attack induced dead hands!)

Hating Muslims is bad… and by hating Muslims I mean even suggesting that Islam might not actually be a religion of peace, or that Muslim culture is not a beautiful rainbow amid the storm clouds that are the western world. Any and every criticism can be rallied against the west and its abuse of women with things like inappropriate pronoun use, but one is to not even mention the wholesale institutionalized abuse of women in Islam.

Hating Christianity, however, is good… because let’s face it, if those horrible Christians weren’t around nobody would ever be made to feel bad about the things they do; the whole nation would morph into a kingdom of peace and love and nobody would ever say or think another unkind thing about anyone ever. The greatest sin is to suggest that there is such a thing as sin, and making someone else feel bad is unforgiveable.

So just for kicks I decided to do a Google search for I HATE… just to see what crazy things people regurgitate their hate about online.

Veggies seem to be a source of great hatred. Whole sites are dedicated to hating specific vegetables, like ihatecilantro.com, and ihategreenbeans.com. Asparagus hate appears to have an actual help group where friendly people can share their asparagus feelings. Brussels sprouts and broccoli haters have their own facebook pages. I kind of like, Brussels sprouts, myself; they always made me feel like a giant eating entire heads of lettuce in a single bite… I feel the same way about those mini-corn cobs.

Veggies are not alone, however. People hate old people, handicapped people (mentally and otherwise), and even nice guys. There are discussion groups for people who hate beautiful people and Youtube rants calling for the voluntary self-extermination of ugly people… they just make the beautiful one’s so uncomfortable. People who hate noise get their own Syndrome, and while there are many who simply hate quiet, they are far outstripped in Internet Land by people who hate quiet people. Men hate women, women hate other women, women hate men. People hate cats, dogs, ferrets, and yes, parrots… even when they aren’t singing opera at two AM. The Amish are singled out for disdain, as are Quakers, Unitarians, Mormons, humanitarians, fascists, Vegans and meat eaters… what some vegetarians prefer to call murderers.

We live in a nation with 300 million people. There is nothing that anyone can do, good bad or indifferent, that does not provoke hate or end up being called hateful by some percentage of our society.

Personally, I think the whole nation needs to grow up. Someone made you feel bad?  Didn’t approve of you? Did something you don’t exactly approve of? So what!? Quit your whining. Get over it.

In order to be a stable and prosperous nation, we cannot be ruled by the whimsical feelings of the minority… especially not the uber-minority. We must be a nation of laws that defend the right to life, liberty and property… not the right to unhurt feelings, societal acceptance, and equal results regardless of gifting, starting place, personal choices, and input.

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