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Rainbow Sprinkles, Political Vision & The Transgender Bathroom Controversy

bathroom-signI can hardly believe that we are, today, having to argue FOR the right of young girls to use public restrooms, gym changing rooms and school showers without having their sense of safety, modesty, and morality assaulted by the forced presence of emotionally and mentally confused men. That, however, is the present state of our reality in the culture war confronting America. Unfortunately, arguing over this issue is a waste of time when those arguments ignore the real foundations of the issue. Here are my 22 points to consider when attempting to untangle the issue.

  1. We must realize that all the entanglements and conflicts on the social and political landscape are but sprinkles on the ice-cream cone of reality.
  2. The real issues, those things that cause such a huge divide between opposing parties usually reside in the soil that grew the crops that fed the cows that produced the dairy that was used to make the ice-cream upon which daily struggle is placing sprinkles.
    • Therefore if you want to understand your own arguments you need to clear away the emotionalism and discover the roots of your thinking… Why do you think this or that is the proper way forward?
    • Why do you imagine that people get to choose their gender?
    • Why do you think the rest of society should ignore genetics in favor of sating psychological dysfunction?
    • Why should the bulk of society be forced by law to turn over its intimate and physically and emotionally vulnerable spaces to the FEELINGS of a tiny percentage of us?
  1. The transgender issue is part of a larger struggle for cultural change by the few against the many. Some in our culture want to radically change the entire foundation of our society.
  2. Many of these are in the media. The severely lopsided presence of progressive and leftist ideology in the media has…
    • specific historical reasons dating back over 100 years
    • certain psychological reasons connected to the medium of media in tension with human nature
    • is the result of a certain natural gravitation to entertainment and media jobs by people with leftist and progressive social agendas.
  3. The media has chosen to champion this transgender “cause” now because of the “strike while the iron’s hot” opportunity provided by the election of a dyed in the wool progressive into the presidency in 2008… which came on the heels of the general takeover of the democratic party by progressives.
    • Progressives have also made some powerful in-roads into the Republican party, dulling that party’s ability or willingness to stamp down the progressive agenda regardless of how much some of them bluster.
  4. Meanwhile, back on the ranch where bulls are cows and cows are bulls and we aren’t sure what the chickens are supposed to be… Transgender people are mentally ill. No… that’s not up for debate. They are not women trapped in men’s bodies nor men trapped in women’s bodies… no matter how they feel or how angry or suicidal they get over the fact. Gender dysphoria is a psychological confusion over identity in relationship to millennia long patterns of human society.
    • A man “feels like” a woman… though in truth he has no idea what it feels like to be a woman, but only knows that he is drawn to feminine social paradigms.
    • A woman “feels like” a man…i.e. she is a woman who is neurotically drawn to masculine social paradigms. Neurotic because it is a psychological compulsion that far exceeds merely liking things that the opposite gender tends to like.
    • Sexual “orientation” is a separate issue… though sexual confusion often orbits around gender dysphoria in surprising ways… like the fact that a certain percentage of gender confused “gay” men who get “gender re-assignment” surgery become “lesbian” almost instantly.
  5. There are scales for measuring gender dysphoria.
    • Some people are simply plagued by an internal discomfort.
    • Some act out in small ways to innocuously sate this discomfort without disrupting their ability to function normally in society.
    • The degree of acting out and the psychological drive to sate these feelings climb steadily on the scale climaxing at the pursuit of “re-assignment” surgery.
    • Most children with gender dysphoria are cured by puberty… unless activist parents or guardians promote the confusion as something good and healthy.
    • Liking the things that boys like does not mean that a girl has gender dysphoria.
    • Liking the things that girls like does not mean that a boy has gender dysphoria.
    • The removal of social paradigms related to gender increases rather than alleviating the problem… ruining the lives of many who would otherwise either outgrow the confusion or mediate it functionally. (i.e. in order to make a microscopic portion of society feel accepted in their delusions, we show ourselves willing to destroy the lives of many more by removing road blocks that would otherwise lead these larger numbers to healthy function.)
  6. Surgery does not change basic genetic realities. Aren’t we supposed to be scientific?
    • Men are men no matter how much one operates on the body.
    • Women are women no matter how much surgery they get.
    • Just ask anyone whose tried to fight Fallon Fox.[1]
  7. There are some people, a minute portion of society, that have physical/genetic confusion on the point of gender. I do not include them in my discussion. Life is hard for them, i’m sure, but attempting to dissolving gender paradigms in society won’t fix them, but will cause astronomical harm to society as a whole.
  8. In this conflict, some have declared that the delusion of the few constitutes an obligation of the many. So let’s quickly consider this notion of “obligation.”
  9. Meanwhile, back in the chambers of government, anti-discrimination laws as applied to private citizens in the conducting of business are a fundamental violation of constitutionally recognized natural rights.
    • While the 14th amendment recognizes that it is the government’s duty to apply laws equally to all citizens regardless of race, a natural extension of natural rights, it has been used by progressives to alter both governmental and common perceptions of the duty of government. Progressives have…
    • extended “race” to include gender, an ever expanding list of disabilities, a small list of religious groups & an ever expanding list of sexual proclivities…
    • extended special laws of protection for some groups that obligate the masses of unprotected groups to act and feel a certain way toward the special ones or risk fiscal annihilation or confiscation of freedom by the government…
    • taken an amendment intended to limit government power over the private citizen and turned it into a tool for the increase of government power over the private citizen by redefining “public” & “private” so that public (the domain of government) is enlarged to include all conducting of business.
    • No matter how noble one imagines the reasons for shift, the act itself was and is a violation of the very essence of freedom & right under our constitution.
  10. When one adds to this the progressive redefinition of equality from a process definition to a result definition he unhinges the entire historical basis for our national unity, and sets the stage for a host of future oppressions and governmental intrusions.
    • Nature, God, the Universe, or “whatever” has decreed inequality among men. A man is not even equal to himself from day to day. Gender, strength, size, health, nutrition, geography, culture, technology, intelligence, personality, motivation, incentive etc… all participate to make people unequal. That is the cold hard reality of being a human being in a big world… or little world if we are compared to, say, Jupiter.
    • Our constitution, no matter how imperfectly implemented at times, is designed to defend equality of personhood… ie. That each person, by dint of being a person has been endowed by his creator with basic natural rights… the foundation of which are the right to life, liberty and property.
    • The equality of the constitution is an equality of starting place (natural rights) and an equality of process (same rules for everyone). The ability or inability of human beings to function in those processes is their own look out… though many charitable souls might work tirelessly to help those starting in a practically dysfunctional place to learn better processes.
    • Progressives, however, imagine that a handful of special and elite people (they themselves) should be made the surrogate decision makers for society so as to overcome the practical inequalities that face people based on Gender, strength, size, health, nutrition, geography, culture, technology, intelligence, personality, motivation, incentive etc.
    • Progressives have raised equality of result to be the highest moral standard for society, a goal so noble in and of itself that it doesn’t matter if we destabilize our entire culture, economy, and nation to achieve it. Even though it is an impossible goal that will drain away the wealth of 100 nations and still fail.
    • Progressives[2] also have a wider agenda of achieving this equality globally.
  11. When one also adds to this the progressives’ radical redefinition of what a “right” is, the matter becomes even more muddled. Progressives have sought to transform rights from being negative to being positive.
  12. The constitution defines rights negatively. A person has a right to unmolested life, liberty & property… a right NOT to have certain things done to him and his.
    • a right to associate or not associate with whomever he chooses… for whatever reason… no matter how odious to others his reasons might be… including in the conducting of business.
    • a right to a free exercise of religion no matter how odious that religion seems to others… including in his conducting of business… so long as that exercise does not violate the natural rights of another… i.e. religious murder, theft, or overt acts of violence.
    • a right to speak freely about one’s ideas and beliefs
    • a right to an unmolested media
    • etc, etc, etc…
  13. Progressives define rights positively. A person is perceived to have a right to goods & services, a right to be accepted, loved, and treated well by others (so long as the reason for possible dislike and rejection is on the progressives’ list of special mascots)
    • a right to food, clothing, housing, medical care
    • a right to a job
    • a right to special criteria in the doing of a job
    • a right to special treatment on the job
    • a right to special pay for a job, no matter its actual economic worth
  14. Negative natural rights and Positive goods & services rights CANNOT co-exist. The one must always give way in the face of the other. The conflict is not eventual, but immediate. The right of the one to be provided with goods & services is an immediate demand on the property of another… the government must confiscate the wealth of one to pay for the goods & services of another when that person proves unwilling or unable to provide those goods & services for himself.
  15. In this struggle the entire role of government is redefined.
    • In the constitutional vision, the government is an agency of the people, for the people and by the people in which elected officials enforce the agreed upon rules of the game as established in basic laws limited by the constitutional recognition of natural rights. The government exists to protect a man and his property from threats domestic, foreign and governmental AND to do a select number of jobs that the people relegate to them, like the overseeing of cooperative community projects like roads, bridges, etc..
    • In the progressive vision, the government becomes an agency over the people elected to force the masses to provide the means by which the government can supply the rightful goods & services to an ever increasing body of dysfunctional members of society. They exist above the law, so as to have a free hand in the random and immediate application, alteration, and redefinition of laws, which is a necessary component in their designs for a society whose highest moral value is equality of result. (Equality of result for everyone except ruling or influential progressives of course… some people are more equal than others by necessity in this system)
    • In the constitutional vision, we are a nation of laws and principles to which every citizen, including elected government officials answer.
    • In the progressive vision, we are a nation ruled by whimsical men tinkering with the rules to manipulate results to fit their personal desires for everyone.
  16. Meanwhile, back on the gender confused ranch… Consider the transgender issue in light of this struggle between constitutionalism & the natural rights it defends vs. progressivism & the power it seeks to seize in order to provide goods & service rights, forced equality, and a body of laws designed to protect the interests of progressive mascots.
  17. In the conflict over transgenders, some people have elevated the desires of a microscopic portion of society over the desires of the mass of the population… and think themselves morally superior for doing so.
    • Transgenders want everyone else in society to change their social paradigms to make them feel welcomed, adored, celebrated, and liked by the rest of society.
    • Transgenders imagine (and many others with them) that it is a RIGHT to be liked, accepted, adored and celebrated. That they should have the RIGHT to let their every gender confused impulse fly… WITHOUT SOCIAL CONSEQUENCE.
    • Transgenders want special laws protecting them from social consequence, laws that force everyone else to treat them exactly how they want to be treated.
    • Transgenders want the gender paradigms of unfolding millennia to dissolve before their FEELINGS… without regard for the feelings of others.
    • So… “z” has feelings that he wants protected by laws that force “a through y” to chuck their own feelings & interests & agendas & culture.
    • Most of “a through y”s desire not to have their public bathrooms, changing rooms, indeed not to have their intimate spaces, their physically & emotionally vulnerable spaces, their tender modesty spaces forcibly violated by a minute fraction of socially dysfunctional people.
    • The mass of these desires, however, are of NO CONSEQUENCE to those who are myopically fixated on the feelings of “z” because they imagine that they are on a moral crusade to bring equality to the world and transgenders are the latest tool in a long list of proposed tools for advancing the social agenda of the progressives.
    • Stay tuned for Incest, Polygamy, group marriage, bestiality, and pedophile rights.
  18. We have laws that prohibited acts of violence against others save for self-defense against immediate bodily harm… Nobody is promoting the legal violation of these rights for those suffering gender dysphoria. They have the same rights as everyone else. I am not promoting violence or hatred against those with gender dysphoria. I pity them and hope they get help… and enablement is help for neither them nor society as a whole.
  19. We should not, however, have laws that seek to protect people from the social consequences of dysfunction, nor laws that force people to do business with people with whom they do not wish to do business (which has its own rewards and punishments), nor laws that criminalize the exercise of natural rights in the struggle against progressive manipulations of goods & service rights, forced equality of result, and the confiscation of business under the public sector.
  20. Your pity for the confused feelings of one group should not be a legal license to strip away the natural rights of an entire nation, and standing against that assault by progressives is not an act of hate, it is an act of national preservation that goes way beyond the transgender sprinkles on the ice-cream cone of reality.

[1] https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/transgender-female-boxer-gives-female-opponent-concussion-breaks-her-eye-so

[2] By progressive estimation the entire western world is the 1% that they rally the rest against in order to empower their own pursuit of power.  Let it be known, that while many a left leaning person believes that the social agenda of the left is good for society, I do not believe that serious progressives are so inclined. The agendas promoted by the progressives are ruses intended to rally the political and economic power of some against others in order to elevate them to positions of power. They have a totalitarian vision for society with themselves as people exercising power over everyone else and they have little real concern for the means by which they acquire this power.

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