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Woe the Implacable Heart

heart-of-stone-used-with-permission-forgodsglorybibleversepicturesOne of the transforming insights I’ve gain over the last few years regards the blindness, deafness, insensibility of the human heart. I sit stupefied at the depth of human evil in many who are so untouched by divine light as to perpetrate and defend the vilest acts against others and, sometimes, against themselves. A wholesale inability in some to track even the most basic cause-effect processes of the world around them, raging to carryout a vision of the world that promises nothing but utter ruin for billions and having near mental breakdowns over anyone or anything that strives to hinder them sating their own desires for self-gratification at the expense of others.

Accustomed to a culture that once preached basic Torah messages to its populace, founded, however unwittingly and imperfectly, upon fundamental principles of biblical theology, I am taken aback by the rapid loss. Accustomed to reasoned discussion, I am left dumbfounded by the increasing inability to reach others with rational, systematic dialogue, or facts of any kind or amount.

If i ever wondered at the hows and whys of the unfathomable barbarism perpetrated by the Nazis, the Soviets, the Japanese, or the Maoists, with compliance and complacency by the masses… I wonder no more. This is how it happened.

This is a level of hardheartedness that nothing but the power of the Holy Spirit can penetrate. However much education I have managed to acquire over the last 49 years, not a waste at all, it is not enough to make a dent. Only the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, transforming me, my message, and the hearts of others will do.

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