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Natural Rights are Boring, I Want Something for Nothing

Sowing-a-SeedThe first Law, planted in Genesis 9:6 like a seed in the human race, sprouting into all just law as the ages have passed, is rooted in that one all important notion about the nature of man. All natural law, thus all natural rights, stem from  the idea that man is made in the image of God, male and female. Every human being on earth, rich or poor, male or female, young or old has been gifted by his creator [not by men at any level of the sociopolitical scale] with the right to life, liberty, and property. To live an unmolested life, doing as he wills with what he labors to produce. 
DO NOT BE FOOLED. No one, of any political party, who seeks to strip the people of their natural rights should be voted into office, regardless of his or her attempted justifications for doing so.
The very foundations of all Marxist, socialist, fascist, communist, progressive systems are found in the overriding of individual natural rights in favor of the confiscation of decision making power, and all property under the authority of an elite few. These elites make bold promises to the masses, convincing them that they should give up natural rights in order to gain the goods & service rights that they, once they have power over everything will bequeath to those whom they favor. KNOW THIS. You cannot have both natural rights and goods & service rights. One must always give way in the face of the other. 
These elites  provoke a sense of entitlement among the masses, animosity between cultural and racial groups, envy between the “classes”, distrust between generations, contempt between the genders. They embolden the unstable to overtake the strong. They blame all inequity on bias and prejudice as peddlers of hate, and promise to rectify the inequities of nature and culture as if they were the inequities of discrimination, and seek a free hand over all things in order to fix every race in favor of the slow, every battle in favor of the weak, every test in favor of the indolent and ignorant. These advance themselves by championing the cause of mascots and working the masses into fury against those who stand against their designs for power. They use unions to undermine corporations, Muslims to undermine the power base of Christians. They stir panic over looming natural disasters that only they can save you from. They convince the hordes that anyone who doesn’t submit to their plan is a threat to the rest. After all, their right to freedom ends at the point it conflicts with their neighbors right to feel secure in all things.  
You are their children and they will care for you once you give everything into their hands. Security, health, equality, vengeance against those around you. They promise income without labor. They promise goods without money. They promise services without responsibility.
Nations built on such principles cannot long survive.
Don’t listen to a candidates promises. Discern their real life beliefs about the world, be they democrat, republican, libertarian or otherwise.  
Natural rights seem boring… they are filled with personal responsibility… they work with and not against the law of sowing & reaping… they require diligence to protect… In the end, they demand something for something, which doesn’t sound as cool as promising something for nothing, but at least it is real.

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