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Utopian Daydreams will Make Fools of Us All

Christianity is by its nature both fatalistic and utopian. Those dedicated to a Biblical Christianity tend to hold out little hope for this world, marching as we are to a climactic end of history. They also, however, have hearts full of a vision of what will be when Christ comes to rule and reign fully in both our hearts and renewed world. The problem for us tends to be found in the tension between the two in the here and now. Wisdom dictates that while we have a vision of perfection cast before us that we herald as our sacred duty to pursue, that we also confront in very real and practical ways the essence of the human struggle. Wisdom sees the end of a matter from its beginning. It knows the way of things in the here and now and crafts ends to find success in the midst of it. Too much utopia makes fools of us all… too little leaves us wallowing in our own human filth.

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