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SAVIOR The Musical: Big Sound, Great Songs, A Greater Christ

I first saw The SAVIOR Musical by Jonathan Cashman almost 15 years ago when I was a professor at Zion Bible College (Now Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill Ma). (See his guest post, SAVIOR through a Wormhole: My Life as a Christian Musician) After the first performance, my family went on vacation to a lonely cabin on Prince Edward Island. Every night for two weeks my two youngest children played the original sound track, then called King of All Kings, and acted out the musical for the rest of us as we played Canasta. It was  precious time with them.

SAVIOR was quite a show even then, but has grown into something that I can only regard as spectacular. A live orchestra, a giant projection screen over head, scaffolding riddled with incredible singers, a Narrator who should do movie trailers. The set is big, the costumes “authentic.” I put quotes around “authentic” because they’ll make YOU feel like its for real… though as with popular pictures of the Pilgrims dress, I’m not sure those of Jesus’ day would recognize the clothes…. “Oh! My! Those are like sooooo 30BC!!!! I wouldn’t be caught dead in something looking like my great-grandmother’s tunic!!!!”

The performance follows Jesus’ Passion Week with a few artistic add-ins, like a chorus of angels here, or an out of time parable there, (see the fantastic video above) and encapsulates most of the dialogue in 40 songs or song-like fragments as the actors mime the events covered in the music. Interspersed between these songs are a series of video excerpts, some like the video above and others like mini-sermons for the spiritual health of the viewers.

I can’t recommend this project enough, and hope that some of you will like Mr. Cashman’s FB SAVIOR page to keep abreast of its appearance closer to your home. https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAVIOR-MUSICAL/116764591676587

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